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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs on programs, experiences, and career paths.

Silwood puts together an accommodation list that comprises of people in the area letting out to our students. There is plenty available with prices varying depending on what is offered. This list is then updated and shared with Silwood accepted students towards the middle of October each year.
We do not have a closing date for applications, however, we only accept 56 1st year students each year. Once we are full we will start a waiting list, however a place cannot then be guaranteed.

We do require our students to have obtained a school leavers certificate (grade 12 or the equivalent thereof), and do not ask that any specific subjects have been taken. Candidates must turn 18 years of age by the 1st June during their first year of study. Candidates who have not completed grade 12 but are over the age of 18 and have significant industry experience will also be considered. Acceptance is at the discretion of the Silwood enrolment centre.

Please contact Silwood for further details.

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Students who DO NOT have South African residency must obtain a student visa. Silwood will assist all accepted students in obtaining their student visa and we recommend when applying for this, you apply early in the year as this is a lengthily process, and you obtain a three-year student visa. You will be required to supply us with a certified copy of your visa once obtained. Foreign applications close at the end of September each year.
The Muslim Judicial Council Halaal Trust, has given us a letter, stating that they understand the importance of a Chef qualification and have given permission for students to learn to prepare pork and to be knowledgeable regarding wines as part of the syllabus. Although the Muslim religion disapproves of the consumption of both pork and alcohol, it is imperative that it is pointed out to students that both pork and wine/alcohol are items which contaminate through touch and as such will require that the affected utensils and body parts should be properly cleansed before use and before being able to proceed for Islamic prayers. Where possible students may substitute pork for a similar meat and wine does not need to be consumed, and can be replaced with a suitable substitute.
We have an annual price increase on fees of never more than 10% each year. The fees will be set in early November each year and are based on numerous factors, including the Consumer Price Index. Our fees are set for the 3-year qualification and are weighted on a decreasing scale, as 1st year is full-time at the school.

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