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Diploma Course

This is a practical year in which students consolidate the skills acquired in the Silwood certificate course through practical industry experience.

The student works in a restaurant kitchen, a hotel kitchen, a catering operation, guest house and one other food industry operation, ie: a bakery, development kitchen etc.

The student spends an 8-9 week period in each type of establishment. This allows the student to experience all the different kitchen types and then make an educated decisions as to what type of kitchen their individual skills are best suited. Students also attend lectures at school every Monday.

To be awarded a Silwood Diploma, students must pass:

  • An external practical exam set by an independent professional from the industry and marked by a panel of SA Chefs Association accredited judges. Students will not be certified if they are not found competent by these industry professionals.
  • The Silwood Restaurant project.
  • The Cape Wine Academy International wine course.
  • The sugar craft practical exam.
  • The product development course
  • The compilation of a recipe book in accordance with selected specifications.
  • The five practical industry blocks.