Part Time Courses

Kiddies Birthday Parties

Silwood kiddies birthday parties. The perfect party solution.

Friday afternoons: 14h30 – 16h30

Numbers: Minimum 12 and Maximum 16

Cost: R185.00 per child

Menu: Margarita Pizza (available toppings: ham + pineapple) and Chocolate Cake


Each child will receive a fruit juice and popcorn.  This will be served during their break. You are welcome to bring your additions such as sweets and chips. Kids to bring their own aprons.

We can make a birthday cake for you but you are welcome to bring your own.                       

Program: (Parties take two hours)

  • Arrive and receive a paper chef hat, and then start cooking
  • Break to sing happy birthday halfway through.  Silwood has a wonderful garden to play in.
  • Back to the kitchen.  Children get to take home and show off their cake and pizza

To Book: Please click above. Bookings cancelled less than 3 days before the class will not be exchangeable.