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First Name Surname Certificate Awarded
Courtney Barratt
Katherine Barry Certificate awarded
Hella Borochowitz Diploma awarded
Inga Burton Did not complete
Kevin Chin Diploma awarded
Charlton De Ruiter Diploma awarded
Chané Devonport Diploma awarded
Ashtan Drake Certificate awarded
Casey Dudley Diploma awarded
York Gary Dunbar Diploma awarded
Adam Duncan Diploma awarded
Toni Ellis Williams
Ziyan Fan
Amanda Glasser Certificate awarded
Brode Gleeson
Amy Grobbelaar Certificate awarded
Jacques Grove
Jamie Hart Diploma awarded
Jeanette Human Certificate awarded
Gabrielle James Diploma awarded
Josua Joubert Diploma awarded
Mary Kennedy Certificate awarded
Shayne Kilburn Diploma awarded
Dae-Myung Kim Diploma awarded
Kyung-Soo (Joe) Kim Diploma awarded
Alexandra Levett Diploma awarded
Brandon Levy
Michelle Louw Diploma awarded
Julien Marlin Did not complete
Simone Martins Diploma awarded
Drew Morgan efstratiou Certificate awarded
Olwetu Mpahlwa
Aphia Noëlla Mukwayanzo
Morgan Mullins Diploma awarded
Rachaelle Nowers Did not complete
Simon Olivier Diploma awarded
Daniele Ploos van Amstel Certificate awarded
Sebastian Sanchez
Jemimah Smith Diploma awarded
Josephine Struben Diploma awarded
Rona Swart
Samuel Tatham Did not complete
Cassandra Toogood Diploma awarded
Nomsa Akua Twum Diploma awarded
Alexandra Grace Tyers
Runet Van Heerden Certificate awarded
Natalie Van Zyl Diploma awarded
Simon Tertius Watt-Pringle
Joshua Wilson
Emma Wishart Certificate awarded
Tess Witney Certificate awarded
Victoria Young-Pugh Diploma awarded




2016 Patisserie Course

First Name Surname Certificate Awarded
Zaakira Ashtiker Certificate awarded
Trishanta Chetty
Kayla Chiffey Certificate awarded
Ilias Demerlis Certificate awarded
Yolanda De Rock Certificate awarded
Taryn Dinsdale
Suzanne Fourie Certificate awarded
Amy Hand Certificate awarded
Zahira Kumandan Certificate awarded
Anna-Janette Lubbe-van Niekerk Certificate awarded
Renee Makin Certificate awarded
Roxanne Martin Certificate awarded
Moncia Matthews Did not complete
Anne McMahon Certificate awarded
Dareun Nam Certificate awarded
Lauren Salie
Yolanda Story Certificate awarded
Nazle Rhoda Certificate awarded
Charna-Leigh van der Vindt


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About Us

Silwood boasts student achievement unmatched by any other cookery school in South Africa. Silwood graduates can be found in kitchens worldwide- Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc -all have a Silwood graduate in their kitchens.

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Silwood Kitchen
40 Riverton Rd
Cape Town
Telephone: +27 (0)21 686 4894/5
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