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First Name Surname Certificate Awarded
Roberta Alfred Certificate Awarded
Carina Allen Certificate Awarded
Kirstin Bester Grande Dip 2002
Ian Booysen Grande Dip 2002
Kimberley Broom Diploma 2001
Faye Clark Grande Dip 2002
Dawn Clarke Grande Dip 2002
Michael Crichton Certificate Awarded
Michelle Dellar did not complete
William Dong Certificate Awarded
Daniela Dotan Grande Dip 2002
Kane Johnson Certificate Awarded
Farzana Hoosen did not complete
Jane Hornsby did not complete
Mary Kinyua Grande Dip 2002
Tamara Lawrence Certificate Awarded
Tamrin Lederle Certificate Awarded
Tanya Loubser Grande Dip 2002
Ingrid Lubbe did not complete
Nicholas McEvoy Grande Dip 2002
Fiona McIlmurray Grande Dip 2002
Vuyo Mkunyana Grande Dip 2002
Camille Nicolle Grande Dip 2002
Zayaan Nordien Grande Dip 2002
Peter O’Bree Grande Dip 2002
Charmain Parker Certificate Awarded
Wendy Parris Certificate Awarded
Deborah Pearl Grande Dip 2002
Cathryn Pieterse Certificate Awarded
Carly Porter Grande Dip 2002
Maryanne Pringle did not complete
Keshan Rambarun Grande Dip 2002
Sarah Roberts Certificate Awarded
Riedwaan Rooknodien Grande Dip 2002
Mollie-Jean Roques Grande Dip 2002
Parry Nicola Rowan Certificate Awarded
Abita Savania Certificate Awarded
Simone Shagam Certificate Awarded
Louise Smit Certificate Awarded
Darren Smith Grande Dip 2002
Judy-Lee Thompson Grande Dip 2002
Tessa Thomson Grande Dip 2002
Linda Trautmann Grande Dip 2002
Amanda Uliana Grande Dip 2002
Jaclyn Van Zyl Grande Dip 2002
Nia Verghis Certificate Awarded
Eugene Vockerodt Certificate Awarded
Sarah Wilkes Diploma 2001
Rupert Willday Certificate Awarded
Amanda Wood Certificate Awarded


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About Us

Silwood boasts student achievement unmatched by any other cookery school in South Africa. Silwood graduates can be found in kitchens worldwide- Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc -all have a Silwood graduate in their kitchens.

Physical Address
Silwood Kitchen
40 Riverton Rd
Cape Town
Telephone: +27 (0)21 686 4894/5
Fax: +27 (0)21 686 5795