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First Name Surname Certificate Awarded
Nicola Albert Grande Dip 1991
Natasha Barnes Grande Dip 1990
Christiana Bosini Certificate Awarded
Theunis Botha Certificate Awarded
Robert Bradshaw Certificate Awarded
Tanya Buratovich Certificate of attendance
Eleanor Burton Diploma 1989
Angela Collins Certificate Awarded
Debora De Villiers Certificate Awarded
Birgit Diebold Certificate Awarded
Lana Doyle Diploma 1989
Samantha Kate Drummond Grande Dip 1990
Denise Du Toit Certificate Awarded
Rinette Enslin Grande Dip 1990
Petro Ferreira Grande Dip 1990
Sylvia Frank Diploma 1989
Elizabeth Frater Diploma 1989
Haidee Greenway Grande Dip 1990
Alexander Harms Certificate Awarded
Claire Higgs Grande Dip 1990
Catherine Holman Grande Dip 1990
Ruby Kirton Grande Dip 1990
Renata Leidig Grande Dip 1990
Michelle Laura Meyer Diploma 1989
Sharon Meyer Certificate Awarded
Tracy Nettleton Certificate Awarded
Samantha Pettitt Grande Dip 1990
Glenda Philp Grande Dip 1990
Judy Philp Grande Dip 1990
Teresa Rochat Grande Dip 1990
Katherine Tully Diploma 1989
Kathryn Van der Watt Grande Dip 1990
Alexis Van Harte Diploma 1989
Rita Von Thelemann Grande Dip 1990
Belinda Zunckel Grande Dip 1990

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About Us

Silwood boasts student achievement unmatched by any other cookery school in South Africa. Silwood graduates can be found in kitchens worldwide- Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc -all have a Silwood graduate in their kitchens.

Physical Address
Silwood Kitchen
40 Riverton Rd
Cape Town
Telephone: +27 (0)21 686 4894/5
Fax: +27 (0)21 686 5795