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First Name Surname Certificate Awarded
Saranie Behrens Certificate
Heidi-Ann Blok Certificate
Anthony Boock Certificate
Britta Brinkmann Certificate
Andrenette Carstens Grande Dip 1988
Stuart Cartwright Certificate
Susan Chadwick Grande Dip 1988
Leigh Clarke Certificate
Kim Copeland Grande Dip 1988
Karen Costa Grande Dip 1988
Michelle Couves Diploma 1987
Nancy Ferreira Grande Dip 1990
Sally Foster Diploma 1987
Teresa Gilson Diploma 1987
Craig Goldsmith Grande Dip 1988
Janet Grieve certificate
Tersia Heese certificate
Laura Howell Grande Dip 1988
Charmaine Kelly certificate
Wanda Kritzinger certificate
Susan Long Grande Dip 1988
Nicholas Louw Grande Dip 1988
Lynette McDonald Grande Dip 1988
Evan Milner certificate
Eugenie Oberholster Grande Dip 1988
Terry Peck certificate
Elizabeth Potgieter Grande Dip 1988
Robert Reid Grande Dip 1988
Debbie Rocklin certificate
Carol Rothlisberger certificate
Andre Roux certificate
Jason Sandler Grande Dip 1989
Christine Shaw certificate
Froke Van der Röts certificate
Jenee Van Lingen certificate
Annalise Visser Grande Dip 1988
Peter Wagenaar certificate
Kathryn Wilson certificate

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About Us

Silwood boasts student achievement unmatched by any other cookery school in South Africa. Silwood graduates can be found in kitchens worldwide- Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Heston Blumenthal, Raymond Blanc -all have a Silwood graduate in their kitchens.

Physical Address
Silwood Kitchen
40 Riverton Rd
Cape Town
Telephone: +27 (0)21 686 4894/5
Fax: +27 (0)21 686 5795